'Eyes on Heaven' Woodblock Print

We've finally made a wood print of this iconic design!

I've teamed up again with apprentice printmaker William Francis to produce this handmade print. William has studied printmaking in Japan, and his skill is growing quickly. He's still not at the level of David Bull and his team, which means you get this print at a lower price. William really put some time and effort into this print, and he's really starting to improve! Your purchase directly supports William in his training. We thank you for investing in the future of this craft!


When I adapt a scene into Ukiyo-e, I usually translate all the scene's elements into an 1800s Edo period style.

However, for this particular print I decided to work in the modern Shin-hanga style, which is known for its realism and much more complex color schemes.

Because of this, I did not adapt the design of the robot's armor. Instead I wanted to focus on the anachronism between a futuristic mobile suit walking though a 19th century pastoral scene. The contrast is quite stunning I think!

The top cartouche reads 新世紀福音, which translates to "The Gospel of the New Century".

The bottom cartouche says 生きがいあればいづことも十万億土, which means, "Anywhere can be paradise as long as you have the will to live."

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