'Winter Shrine' Woodblock Print

We're proud to introduce Stephen Winiecki, a carver/printer from New York City. Stephen has recently collaborated with designer Jed Henry to create this beautiful new print. You can also see more of Stephen's work here

Jed originally sketched this design in October of 2017 while wandering the back alleys near Dave's studio in Asakusa, Tokyo. Here's what the original ink sketch looked like:

This is an interesting experiment for Jed, who usually works in an Ukiyo-e style, relying heavily on black outlines with fill colors. However in this case there are no outlines at all. The result is a lighter, more delicate image. 

The paper measures 13.5 x 17 cm (about 5 x 7 inches).

Each print is signed by Jed Henry and numbered.

The color was applied in the traditional Japanese method, with hand-carved blocks, ground pigments, and hand printing on handmade paper. Let's all give Stephen a hand for his hard work!

We hope you'll support these new carver/printers by collecting their prints. Thank you!


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