'Wolf Girl' Mini Woodblock Print


We've finally made a wood print of this iconic design! 

I've teamed up again with apprentice printmaker William Francis to produce this handmade print. William has studied printmaking in Japan, and his skill is growing quickly. He's still not at the level of David Bull and his team, which means you get this print at a lower price. William really put some time and effort into this print, and he's really starting to improve! Your purchase directly supports William in his training. We thank you for investing in the future of this craft!

This print measures 13 x 18 cm (about 5 x 7 inches)

Each print is sealed, signed and numbered by artist Jed Henry.

The color was applied in the traditional Japanese method, with hand-carved blocks, ground pigments, and hand printing on handmade paper.

We hope you'll support new carver/printers like William by collecting their prints.

Thank you!


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