'A God Mocks Creation' Giclée (set of 3 prints)

Special three-print triptych set!

 I love this game with all my heart, so I wanted to do justice to all the wonderful characters. I hope you have as much fun viewing the design as I did drawing it!


The main cartouche reads:   神(ガ)万象(ヲ)愚弄(ス)which can be translated to mean "A God Mocks Creation".

The smaller cartouche reads: 必滅(ノ)人(ヤ)何故(ニ)生命(ニ)縋付(ム)which can be translated to mean "Why do people grasp at life, though all must surely die?".

The smaller character labels read:

the angel monster 天怪

the assassin 兇手

the faithful dog 忠犬

the half-kami 半神

the boxer  闘士

the thief 白波

the traitor 反逆

the beast child 獣児

the samurai 武士

the mimic 物真似

the mage 魔導師

the artist 画伯

the gambler 博徒

the tinker king 鋳掛王

the beast 猛獣

the sprite 


Archival pigments on acid-free handmade Japanese paper.
Every print is signed and sealed by Jed.
Three sheets lined up measure 37 x 17 inches.

3枚のプリント。96 x 43 cm。

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