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Kirin and Girl, Rainbow Variant - ECCC Exclusive

This is one of my favorite pins yet.

Normally, the anodized rainbow effect is only available as a soft enamel pin, which can't have a glossy flat surface. But I worked with the manufacturers, and they had a clever solution to add a layer of clear hard epoxy on top. This gives the pin a smooth surface just like a hard enamel pin, while keeping the rainbow effect. BRILLIANT!

This exclusive rainbow variant was designed just for Emerald City Comic Con.

Unfortunately, ECCC 2021 has been postponed until December (and I'm not holding my breath, honestly.) This is your chance to grab this extremely rare pin.

Only 200 were ever made.

NOTE: Pin orders must contain at least two pins. Mix and match any designs. Thank you!


Soft Enamel, with smooth epoxy finishing to make it just like a hard enamel pin!

Rainbow plated metal lines

Lots of screen printed amazing details

Two pin backs with strong rubber claspers

Measures approximately 2 inches top to bottom, and 2 inches left to right



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