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This is our most exciting series yet!

In 1814, the famous artist Hokusai published his first issue of "Hokusai Manga". Back then, manga (漫画) basically meant "graphics gone wild". Hokusai drew whatever he wanted – images from daily life, nature and mythology – and the people of Edo loved it!

Following in Hokusai's footsteps, artist Jed Henry is creating his own parody, "Henry Manga". The images revolve around a certain *ahem* super-smashing game. Subscribers will receive one hand-printed page per month, as well as a hand-bound Japanese book at the end of the year. These gorgeous books are sure to be great collector's items.

Even better, your patronage goes straight into supporting our six brilliant apprentices. By subscribing you're helping to train the next generation of Japanese printmakers, to ensure this craft continues well into the future.

You can begin collecting any time. New members receive Print #1 first, and then go from there, one each month until they have the full set of 12. Customers who want their book bound will receive it at the end of the year, after all the pages have been printed. Each print is US$35 -- see the link above for further pricing details.


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