'Mount Hotaka' Woodblock Print

Mount Hotaka is one of many tall peaks in the central mountains of Japan. If you're a fan of hiking, I highly recommend visiting this area! You'll feel like you stepped into a background painting from Princess Mononoke. 

This past year, Jed has been pushing his design abilities to achieve more realism, while still limiting the number of block impressions to 8 or 10. It's a very difficult juggling act, but we're learning bit by bit. 

Traditional printmaker Stephen Winiecki transformed the digital design into a woodblock print with incredible skill. All these gradations and subtle colors are not easy to print! 

Each print is signed and numbered by Jed, and embossed with Stephen's name.

This design requires several individual impressions to achieve a full range of color. Stephen uses the finest quality of yamazakura (mountain cherry) to carve his printing blocks. The wood is capable of holding a very fine level of delicacy – every last detail is printed by the wood left standing, after the rest has been cut away.

This print measures 7.5 x 5.5 inches.

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