'Outside the Gate' Woodblock Print

I can't believe how good these prints look. We really are making great progress with our apprentice printmakers.


I've teamed up again with apprentice printmaker Calvin Carlisle to produce this handmade print. Calvin is still at an early stage in his training, so his work isn't at the level of Dave and his Tokyo team.

We are also setting a very low price for such a complex print. This is a great opportunity to own a piece of our history, as we slowly train up the next generation of printmakers. We thank you for investing in the future of this craft! In the process of making this print, Cal learned a ton!

While most of my prints tend to be fan art homages, I also like to explore original themes from time to time. I created two new prints, focusing on the friendship of a girl and her dragon companion in a world inspired by Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. While designing the dragon I referenced tropical Asian birds like peacocks and jungle fowl, and the final design is pretty adorable!

Who are these two characters? How did they meet? What adventures will they share together? I can't wait to explore their story even more!




This design requires many individual impressions to achieve a full range of color. Cal uses the finest quality of yamazakura (mountain cherry) to carve his printing blocks. The wood is capable of holding a very fine level of delicacy – every last detail is printed by the wood left standing, after the rest has been cut away.

The paper is handmade Echizen Hosho Washi, made by national living treasure, Iwano Ichibei IX. This is the exact same paper printers used over 200 years ago! You can see a video of Mr. Iwano at work here.

This print is in the traditional koban format – 6.5 x 9 inches (16.5 x 23 cm).

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