'Ramen Cats' Giclée Print

 This is the newest print in our ever-growing Cats series. Just like its predecessor, 'Sushi Cats', this new design also maintains the lighthearted feel of a night on the town. The animals are out for an evening snack, stopping at this open stall for a quick bowl of comfort food. One wonders - what kind of broth do cats prefer? Pork? Fish? Chicken?  ... Mouse bone?  

This print is full of Japanese cat puns. The smaller cartouche reads:
ねこじたも (neko-jita) literally means 'cat tongue' in Japanese. It's an idiom that means "someone who can't eat hot food". The imagery of a cat timidly lapping with its tongue is a fun metaphor for a person who can't commit to a hot bowl of soup! Westerners are sometimes referred to as neko-jita, because they are often surprised by how hot the Japanese like their food. 
Archival pigments on acid-free handmade Japanese paper.

Every print is signed and sealed by the artist.
Measures 12x17 inches.

For framing, I recommend a 16x20 inch (or 40x50 cm) frame, which is a standard factory size at any major craft or home decor store.

31.75 x 43 cm.

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