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Red Octopus Swordsman (Rare Exclusive)

 Normally, my Red Octopus Swordsman is only available at conventions. It's an exclusive item that I only make available to customers who find me in person. A rare item indeed!


Over a dozen of my scheduled conventions have been cancelled so far this year, and I feel badly that many customers won't have an opportunity to see this pin. 

I can't give you guys the whole convention experience, but I can bend the rules a little, and make my Red Octopus available online.... but only for a short time.  Once the conventions get back on track, I'll have to remove it form the web shop again.

Now's your chance to get this online!



NOTE: Pin orders must contain at least two pins. Mix and match any designs. Thank you!   


Hard Enamel

Rose Gold plated raised metal lines

Two pin backs with strong rubber claspers

Measures approximately 2 inches top to bottom, and 2 inches left to right



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