Rickshaw Cart Pin


This is the design that started it all!

Back in 2012 I was a Japan-loving artist who wanted to make something new. I had a vision burning in my mind, a strange combination of ancient and modern Japanese pop culture. As a prototype, I drew this image of an Edo period cart race. I had no idea if anybody would like it. I just knew I needed to scratch that creative itch. On this occasion I was lucky to create an image that got shared and re-shared, until my life was changed forever.  

And now I made it into a pin! I honestly can't believe the crazy small details. My photography doesn't do it justice.

I know you'll love this pin - it's a beautiful combination of design and craftsmanship. Thank you for supporting my work!


Hard Enamel

Dark Nickel metal lines

So much tiny detail - wow!

Two pin backs with strong rubber claspers

Measures approximately 2 inches top to bottom, and 1.5 inches left to right



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