'Spirit of the Wild Wood' Giclée Print

I usually work in a Japanese Ukiyo-e aesthetic, but I also occasionally dabble in other styles. This piece is inspired by the great Russian designer, Ivan Bilibin. Bilibin was a genius at depicting epic scenes from folklore, always adding his unique Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts sensibilities. 

In this design, I'm paying homage to a world that's rooted in Eastern European, and especially Polish mythology. Bilibin's illustrations of Slavic mythology were a gold mine of inspiration for me. I hope you enjoy this design as much as I did drawing it!


Archival pigments on acid-free handmade Japanese paper.

Every print is signed and sealed by Jed.

Measures 12x17 inches.

This print looks great in three standard 16 x 20 frames (US, Canada) or 40 x 50 cm (everywhere else).
Jed really likes this one for its simple design.

31.75 x 43 cm.

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