'Tank Head' Woodblock Print

This might be history in the making! To my knowledge this is the first time a mecha has ever been portrayed in woodblock print form. For that reason alone, it's a collector's item.

We've teamed up with master mech designer Emerson Tung, and made a print on his classic 'Tank Head' design. If you look closely, Japanese printing is a good match for this design. The mech's shell looks very much like a samurai's yoroi armor, and it even has sashimono flags, which were once used to identify friend from foe in battle. 

This print was created in the traditional Japanese fashion, with hand-carved blocks, handmade pigments on handmade Japanese paper. It was created by apprentice craftsman William Francis, who works full-time as a printmaker in the UK. By purchasing this print, you are helping to support the next generation of dedicated printmakers. 

Measures 8x12 inches (21x31 cm)

Ships within one week of order being placed.



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