'Two Souls Entwined' Woodblock Print

Extra content! You can see a YouTube video of this print's creation at this link.

For this design, artist Jed Henry referenced the action-packed warrior prints of Utagawa Kuniyoshi. Just like in the Kuniyoshi originals, every inch of the composition is filled with action and motion. 

This design is available exclusively as a woodblock print.

oodblock printmaking requires many individual impressions to achieve a full range of color. David uses the finest quality of yamazakura (mountain cherry) to carve his printing blocks. The wood is capable of holding a very fine level of delicacy – every last detail is printed by the wood left standing, after the rest has been cut away.

The paper is handmade Echizen Hosho Washi, made by national living treasure, Iwano Ichibei IX. This is the exact same paper printers used over 200 years ago! You can see a video of Mr. Iwano at work here.

This print is in the traditional koban format – 7 x 9 inches (17.5 x 23 cm).

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